Site Works

Moving to a new premises might be a great choice for your business but installing a new meter can be a trial. The problems stem from the fact that the process simply involves so many third parties. It can be difficult to identify what steps need to be taken and when they need to be taken to ensure a meter is fitted on time. Nobody wants a delayed start to cost them business.

What you need to know

PH Energy Services can support you through a move and a new meter installation/s. As long as we are informed of your requirements for a new meter we will ensure that you site is provided with energy for the store’s opening time. To do this we need 5 weeks notice, although we appreciate this isn’t always possible.

Download our handy site works guide and information requirement form via the site works advice page

Here are some recent testimonials from customers we’ve helped through this process:

“PH Energy Services are committed to supporting our new store opening programme. We open about 4 new sites per year and the process can seem fraught. PH Energy contacts all the relevant third parties to obtain data and critical meter requirement information. The supply contract is costed and supplied swiftly and the meter is installed on time. PH Energy Services are available round the clock if we encounter any issues. They have never let us down.”

Mark Brown, Director at Bournemouth Coffee Company
Costa Coffee Franchise

“When we moved factories we were informed by our engineers that a new Half Hourly meter installation would be straightforward. Unfortunately this isn’t the case and with only 2 weeks to go before our grand factory opening we needed all the help we could get. PH Energy contacted all the parties involved to negotiate the schedule. In the nick of time we had the meter installed.”

Maria White, Finance Manager
Colourpoint Ltd, Buckinghamshire