Query Resolution

Without doubt one of the most time-consuming and frustrating dealings you can have with a utility company is when you’ve spotted a mistake that you want to rectify. It might be a billing error – or a problem with a meter, the problem might stretch back years and it’s probably costing you money. All you want is to get it sorted quickly, so you can focus on your core business.

But this isn’t always as easy as it sounds. And automated menus and hideous hold music don’t help! Which is PH Energy Services provides a query resolution service for all our customers. If you are using us for invoice validation, then  we’ll identify any problems, raise our queries with the supplier or the customer and then log them. We will then work on these queries until they are fully resolved.

Let us fight your battles!

If you’re not currently using our invoice validation service, don’t worry, just tell us your issue and we can take it from there. We will work on the query on your behalf until it’s resolved – and provide you with regular feedback in the interim period.

We are tenacious when it comes to query resolution and you can depend on us to always fight for fair treatment for our customers from the supplier. Where we believe recompense is due we will do our very best to get it. We don’t take a share of any savings, so anything recouped goes directly back to you.