Energy Portfolio Management

It’s easy for a small business to overlook the ongoing management of business gas and electricity contracts. After all your main focus needs to be on your primary business.

If you chose to use PH Energy Services we can help to lighten the load. As part of our bureau service we keep an up-to-date record of your portfolio. This means all site addresses, meter asset details, MPANS, MPRs and estimated annual usage are maintained in a confidential customer database specific to you and your energy contracts.

Drowning in paperwork?

For large multi-site businesses the task becomes even more onerous. It can be hard to keep track of a variety of bills and invoices – especially if they all start and end at differing times. We will work on your behalf to ensure that your regional areas or sites communicate the changes in the portfolio. We will also make sure that all site disposals and acquisitions are recorded and where necessary we will get the sites added or removed from your portfolio. This means you always have robust and dependable information available at all times.

With a well-managed utility process, forecasting and budgeting becomes far easier – and costs controllable.

As an added bonus, accurate data means that when it’s time to go to renegotiate your contract, we can act swiftly with confidence that your energy usage data is meaningful and up-to-date. Armed with this we can find the best tariff for you both in terms of price and service.