Invoice Validation

Shockingly, around 7% of commercial energy bills are wrong. Mistakes can be made if customers are billed for sites that they don’t own, if the meter is incorrectly configured, through a mix-up between day and hight reads and when incorrect unit rates or incorrect VAT rates are applied. The catalogue of errors is endless. And that’s before we even touch on the subject of estimated bills!

Lighten the load of multi-site portfolios

Of course the headache increases when you consider a business that has several premises to manage. In fact, when you have a multi-site portfolio, trying to identify an incorrect invoice (or three) and then convince the supplier that there’s a mistake becomes time consuming and frustrating. And all the while this is taking you away from your work.

PH Energy Services can take the burden from your shoulders! Put us in charge of managing your account and we will receive copy bills directly from the supplier. Typically they’ll be a spreadsheet provided for multi-site portfolios and we download this data and check the kWhs and their value. We also check unit and VAT rates and the site details to ensure that you own the site you are being charged for (it’s not as unlikely as it sounds!). We also check to see if bills are missing against a master portfolio list.

We check read recency and request actual reads in order to keep the billing up-to-date and accurate. Where appropriate we liaise directly with your site contact to get accurate meter details.

Reporting that suits your systems

PH Energy Services will provide you with a report that identifies queries and errors. We can provide these reports in a format that fits into your accounting systems too so you don’t waste admin time when it comes to entering the info at your end.  We will highlight where accruals need to be made to help with your budget and business planning.

And using the data we provide also means we can put together reports to show year-on-year and month-on-month variance and site comparisons. We will provide reports for budgeting and year-end purposes designed to your requiremnts so that you can use the information effortlessly to mange your business.