You might be wondering what a business energy broker or consultant can offer your organisation. Is it something that you need – or could you manage by yourself? Well, we like to think we have the expertise to help manage your energy portfolio effectively, reduce your bills and make your life easier. We can also help you to forecast and budget for energy spend.

PH Energy Services offers the following to its customers:

Strategic energy procurement
At times you might not feel like it but you do have a choice in how and when you buy your energy. With our years of experience in the energy industry, we can help you get the best fixed price fixed term gas and electricity contracts. We’ll happily provide our view on market prices – and want to put you back in control of your energy spend.

Invoice Validation
Incorrect billing is a reality in this industry – it;s important to understand and check your bill properly. Of course – ti’s not always easy to find the time to do this – and sometimes the paperwork isn’t as helpful as it could be!  As part of our utility bill checking service PH Energy Services will validate all your gas and electricity invoices to ensure that you have been billed correctly by your supplier. Our services also include bespoke accounting reports that you can directly download into your systems; query logging and resolution, forecasting and budgeting.

Portfolio management
The more premises you have the more complex managing energy contracts become. It’s easy to drop a ball if you’re juggling your energy portfolio alongside running your business. As your energy broker we will keep a record of your portfolio, sites moving on and off contract and ensure that all tender lists are up to date. This ensures we can resolve queries quickly and with no fuss.

Site works and meter installations
Moving premies can be a great business opportunity – but getting setting up to open on time can throw a spanner in the works. We take the pain out of new meter installations and give you a helping hand throughout the process ensuring your sites are ready to go when you are.

Carbon management
Corporate responsibility must be high up on the the agenda these days and each year brings new regulatory requirements all of which need to be supported by information relating to your energy consumption. As your energy consultant we will supply any information free of charge – and help you achieve the ‘green’ credentials your stakeholders demand.

Dispute resolution
Finding a billing or meter problem is bad enough – but have you tried getting through to you supplier to see a mistake rectified? You have a business run so why not hand over this time-consuming and frustrating chore to us instead? As a customer of PH Energy Services we will deal with all your billing and meter queries. We will take on the suppliers on your behalf and ensure the problem is completely resolved. If money is due back to you we don’t take a share of it , you will get 100% if what is owed to you.