In a world where bigger is often considered better, medium-size manufacturing companies can find they miss out on strategic energy purchasing deals because they are not quite big enough for flexible purchasing contracts. But PH Energy Services is on hand to help.

Locking in savings for customers

At PH Energy we ensure that all energy is purchased strategically – and on the basis of informed decisions. We plan ahead, forecasting costs for our customers a long way in advance thereby giving them the opportunity to lock in when the market is favorable – often locking in savings or providing flat costs for a number of years. Essential for financial forecasting – and presenting accurate budgets to stakeholders.

A personal recommendation

One of our manufacturing customers is Fugro UK, part of the world’s largest integrated supplier of survey, and geotechnical related services. Fugro collects, processes and interprets data related to the earth’s surface and the soils and rocks beneath and provides advice based on the results to clients in various market sectors around the world. An expert in its own field, Fugro asked PH Energy Services to use its expertise to seek out energy savings on its behalf – allowing it to get on with its primary business.



Fugro appointed PH Energy Services in 2006, since then we have saved a considerable amount of money across our gas and electricity portfolio.

In the past we had experienced many problems with utility suppliers but have been delighted that PH Energy were able to deal with and resolve these queries with minimum hassle to Fugro. This is testament to their understanding of the utility industry and the way in which suppliers work. I am able to concentrate on my business in the knowledge that the utilities are being dealt with effectively.

Steve Rogers

Property Manager