Another sector PH Energy Services frequently works within is housing – including with housing associations and other social housing organisations. This not-for-profit sector faces many challenges including regulation – and the fact that published rents cannot be changed mid-term – even if costs – such as utility charges – do.

Rising to the challenges

Where utilities form part of service charges, accurate budgeting and forecasting of the utility costs is therefore critical. We work with our housing association customers to ensure that contracts are executed in such a way as to tie-in with the budgeting process, which means no price spikes mid financial year because any price increases incurred cannot be passed on to customers once the rents have been advised.

Social housing organisations are often also involved in new builds and renovations – with site works an additional headache to manage. Rest assured, PH Energy Services can provide a seamless link from building contractors to energy suppliers to well-negotiated contracts.

But you don’t need to take our word for it, here’s a happy customer to explain how we’ve helped.



Lace Housing Association appointed PH Energy Services earlier this year to look after our gas and electricity supply contracts. As a Housing Association, providing fully supported residential care, our energy is one of our largest spends so it’s essential it is managed effectively. PH Energy Services run competitive tenders for us and and have also put in place energy contract strategies. PH Energy also provide invoice validation services and have already obtained significant rebates for us in the time that we have been working with them. PH Energy Services consistently provide a personal service and also have a wealth of experience gained from working in the utility industry for many years. I am happy to recommend PH Energy Services to similar organisations to ourselves.

Kevin White

Finance Director

Lace Housing