Our work as a preferred supplier

PH Energy Services also successfully works for organisations that operate multi-sites – as managing the energy needs of a large portfolio of premises can be challenging.

Our family-run business is now proud to be the preferred broker for all the UK Costa Coffee franchisees. Being the broker of choice for these hospitality franchisees allows us to provide a dedicated service, which includes procurement, portfolio management and siteworks.

Costa franchisees are organised in geographical regions and have at least 12 stores each. These regions grow year-on-year and ensuring new sites open on time and are contracted correctly is imperative to the success of their business.

This is what two of the franchisees have to say of our work for them:



I appointed PH Energy Services to tidy up our energy portfolio of 7 sites. We have consolidated 4 of my 7 sites onto one contract with one supplier with one end date making our budgeting and renewal activity more straight forward. The other 3 sites will move onto this contract as and when they come up for renewal. Dealing directly with suppliers is not straight forward and working with PH Energy Services takes this headache away. All my queries are dealt with quickly and professionally. I would recommend the use of PH Energy Services to other Costa franchises Company

Mark Brown
Bournemouth Coffee




Working with PH Energy Services delegates an important and expensive fixed cost expense to an expert, it’s not just the £1,000s per year we save but the assistance during new store opening is immeasurable managing our supply installation management. I will be contracting PH Energy Services again for both fixed cost control and new store energy supply. I highly recommend to my contacts and fellow franchise partners.

Mark Bryan Director
Managing Director
The Optimum Group