Industry experience

As business energy brokers, we’re confident working across many sectors, sourcing and negotiating excellent utility contracts. However, as the years have progressed we’ve been fortunate to hone our skills in particular areas – and use our specialist services to great effect with these particular industries.

Our areas of particular expertise 


The not-for-profit and charities sector faces unique challenges with regulated internal pricing and the need to make sure budgets are accurate. Such organisations must spend money on overheads such as energy responsibly and answer to many stakeholders.


Another interesting sector that experiences frequent changes. At the moment we are helping many schools, such as those converting to Academy status, that may have formerly been restricted by utility contracts governed centrally by the local authority. For such institutions, entering into the market can be a confusing time – and it may be unclear as to exactly who should manage such a process. As a result, to avoid poorly-priced contracts with terms and conditions that don’t suit the school’s budgeting processes, we can offer experienced and invaluable support.


For smaller businesses – such as those in the manufacturing and hospitality industries – every penny counts. Often profit margins are what can give you the edge over the competition – and any savings that can be made without extra work are a godsend. An energy consultant who understands how your business operates is essential to your business success.