Free Energy Audit

What do you really know about how much energy you use – and how much you spend on business gas and electricity? Have you every analysed seasonal fluctuations – or different patterns across your portfolio? Have you compared your current contract to others on offer – or to the prices competitors seem to be paying?

Perhaps you think you could be spending less on your energy but don’t have the time to do the research? Maybe you even consider managing your energy spend a a time-consuming and – frankly – unpleasant task that you don’t have the time to commit to?

That’s where we come in!

Try a free energy audit 

Yes, PH Energy Services offers a no-obligation energy audit – to really find out if and where you could save money. Most people can save money – either by switching to a new contract and/or supplier – and by learning more about energy efficiency. This is particularly true if you’ve just let your energy contracts roll over year after year.

Of course managing your energy budget is time consuming – but it is also probably one of your 5 largest overheads – so it’s worth keeping on top of your spend.

Our free energy audit includes:


Obtaining the necessary gas and electricity bills from your current supplier


Identifying and clarifying the current contractual situation


Surveying the market to identify alternative contract options


Identifying if savings can be made


Recommending a course of action

The above is all done for free and with no obligation to proceed. So there’s nothing to lose (but everything to gain!).

For expert advice and accurate information about your energy spend contact us now on 01628 531 435.