Green energy – the essentials

Green Energy is energy produced from renewable resources such as wind, tidal, solar, biomass and hydropower. Using green energy helps in global sustainability – and can pay dividends terms of corporate responsibility.

PH Energy Services can help you ‘go green’ – so let us know if you’d like to do your bit for carbon reduction by purchasing some or all of your electricity from green sources.

Of course, the market for green energy remains complex – you might find it’s not available to your business or be required to pay a premium. But the market changes every day – partly because of regulatory pressure.

At PH Energy Services we can balance your desire to reduce carbon emissions with the need to seek out keen prices. Call freephone 0800 0436771 now for a quotation or impartial advice on your business gas or electricity renewal offer.

Top tips for going green

‘Greening’ your business or organisation needn’t only be about opting for green energy tariffs however. You can also work to cut back on energy consumption and follow these top tips…

  • Recycling: Put in place measures that encourage staff to recycle and set up a routine for collection from your site or drop off at your local recycling centre.
  • Waste management: More and more companies are after your waste – used cooking oils; food waste; cardboard. Investigate how you could throw away less into landfill.
    For example:
    Partnering with local businesses could turn your waste into cash.
    Make sure you don’t waste unused products: can you take advantage of sale or return schemes?
  • Government saving initiatives: Investigate what schemes are open to you. There are many subsidised schemes and interest-free energy efficiency loans designed to help small business implement a more efficient energy-management programme such as investing in more efficient equipment. Contact the Carbon Trust to find out more.
  • Cut down on printing costs: If you use an inkjet printer think how you could use less ink, maybe using email more, setting your PC to print double-sided and by refilling printer, fax and photocopier cartridges. Use inkjet refills instead of buying new ones. And always recycle your used cartridges.
  • Spread the word: Tell your staff and customers about your energy efficiency. If you’ve achieved a low-carbon standard – tell everyone about it! Always publicise your commitment to reducing your environmental impact. More than a third of consumers would favour recyclable products or those with minimal packaging.
  • Get involved: Think about how you can help in your local community. Could a local charity benefit from your waste products? Are partnership schemes available? Community involvement is seen as increasingly important by consumers. Community projects can help raise awareness of your business as well as helping out a good cause.