Your questions answered

We’re happy to answer any questions you have about our services and ways of working. Just give us a call on 0800 0436771 and you can speak to a member of the team.

In the meantime, here are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Can you be sure I will save by changing supplier?

This depends entirely on market price now compared to the price when you entered into your current contract. PH Energy Services can guarantee that all prices we show you will be competitive and reflective of up-to-the-minute market rates. It’s possible that the most competitive rate may even come from your existing supplier – and we’ll tell you if this is the case. PH Energy Services, is an independent utility broker and promises to give you an honest assessment of the prices and tell you what is the right move for your business – even if that means staying put!

Is PH Energy Services OJEU compliant?

Yes we are.

How long does it take to switch suppliers?

When you decide you want to switch to a new supplier expect the process to take up to six weeks. PH Energy Services will manage all the paperwork for you – and make sure everything is going to plan. The only thing we do ask is that, where possible, you take meter readings on the day of switch over.

Do I need to terminate my current contract?

Yes. It is very important that your read and understand your current contractual terms and follow the termination policy correctly. PH Energy Services has lots of experience in the contracts suppliers use and we can help you to terminate a contract – even if that includes drafting appropriate letters. We can also handle the termination for you – as it can be a daunting process and inconvenient to handle alongside running a small business.

How much does PH Energy Services charge?

You won’t receive an invoice from PH Energy Services. Instead we make our money by small commission payments from the electricity or gas supplier. For larger customers who chose to take additional services it’s sometimes more appropriate to have a commission-free contract, in these instances we charge our fees directly to the customer.

What do you need from me?

We’d like to see a recent bill or bill sit you have more than one site. Your bill will have lot son relevant info for us and the MPAN (electricity) and the MPRN (gas) numbers that relate to your meters are crucial in terms of providing accurate pricing info.

Should I need to read my meter?

The answer to this is always a resounding yes! Take you own meter readings on the day of the transfer to a new supplier. This will avoid any potential billing errors or disputes from old to new supplier plus you will have the peace of mind of seeing the reading for yourself. Just like everything else, if you’re unsure how to do it ask us and/or take a photo of the meter and the reading!

Why don't PH Energy Services do online quotes?

Put simply – it’s because we don’t think online quoting s the best way to get the best price. Instead PH Energy Services uses its access to up-to-the-minute wholesale prices. Our quotes are based on very current prices and are truly obtainable in the market. Online quotes often have a risk margin built-in to protect suppliers, and so can be higher than necessary.

Why should I choose PH Energy Services?

Family-run PH Energy Services was established in 2006. We – have a passion for the industry – and ensuring everyone gets the best from it. We guarantee a personal and professional service – no sales patter or automated telephone systems. All our energy consultants have many years experience in the gas and electricity industry, and you’ll speak directly to them.
We will be there every step of the way as you transfer to a new supplier – from checking that very first bill to contract end. When it’s time to renew – or negotiate – we’ll give you advance warning and make sure you get another good deal (and avoid those dreaded ‘roll over’ fees).