Our services

Our main aim in life is to reduce the amount you spend on business gas and electricity. We also strive to take away the headache of dealing with utility contracts, freeing you up to do what you do best – run your organisation!

There are several ways we can do this.


Let’s be honest, no one exactly looks forward to ringing around trying to get a good deal on gas and electricity. Well maybe we do (!) – but you probably don’t! Being passed from person to person, navigating automated menus and being put on hold listening to music that sets your teeth on edge.

PH Energy Services can put a stop to this and do it your behalf. You need never speak to a supplier again. We will research the best deal and negotiate on your behalf. We bring plenty of industry experience to the table too.

Query resolution

Unfortunately not all bills are correct – and those mistakes can be costly. At PH Energy Services, we can identify and resolve your queries quickly on your behalf. We know what to look for – be it metering issues, incorrect application of VAT and levies – or overly-high ‘out of contract’ rates.

Your bill – your control

As we continue to work for you, we’ll make sure you have easy access to all the relevant info affecting what you pay for business gas and electricity. It’s in our interests that you fully understand how we are working on your behalf. We’ll simply record all data relating to your contracts, sites, kWhs and unit rates and we’re only a phone call away.

PH Energy Services are committed to 100% customer satisfaction and will always go that extra mile to ensure you are happy with our service. We take your business or charity very seriously and will provide all the support and advice you need to keep your energy costs down.