How we work


If you’re new to the role of a dedicated energy broker or energy consultant, you might be wondering howe we work to reduce your spend on business gas and electricity. We aim to help you get the most suitable tariff for your needs, to ensure your billing process in error-free and that your organisation as a whole is energy-efficient.

All about the data

Typically, for new customers we will request copies of recent gas and electricity bills. This is because this ‘raw data’ is used by PH Energy Services to build a bespoke and accurate database of your portfolio. Think of it as the starting reference point for us – that will help us going forward too. This data can help us identify typical usage and seasonal peaks – and ways in which you could save on energy in both the short- and long-term.



Building a picture

We’ll use all this data to build a picture of current rates, volumes and contract end dates. PH Energy Services will put together prices gathered from the main suppliers and present a proposal back to you for the procurement and or ongoing management of your portfolio.Where possible, with multiple site portfolios, we will consolidate these sites onto one contract for each utility, gas and electricity, with one common end date. Ideally we’d time contract end dates to financial year end dates too – making future budgeting processes easier for you.



Talk it through

Next, we’ll talk through the proposal with you.  Details like contract duration and supplier can be vitally important, so we want you to fully understand what we’re proposing. PH Energy Services processes the signed contracts and logs all the new information. We’ll then issue a welcome pack containing all the relevant information to ensure you’ll have an accurate record of the contract at your fingertips. For larger tenders we provide a full tender report within 24 hours of contract execution. This also provides information on the market and an audit trail on the decision making process so that you can understand how our conclusions were reached. It will also be a valuable source of information when the renewal comes up.



Ongoing support

When the contract is signed, we don’t just disappear! We’re happy to provide ongoing support for all our customers and are available at any time for queries regarding data or your bills. And when you ring through you’ll find a person at the end of the phone – not an automated menu!